The dressing table is a great place to store cosmetics, care products, accessories and more. This piece of furniture can be a great interior decoration.

1. Play with the texture in this space.

The combination of various elements can create your own character in your dressing room. Elements such as glass (fragrance bottles & decorative trays), metal (storage & tableware), soft finishes (wallpaper, rugs and fabric framing) and custom-designed wood (table & mirror frames) give a distinct edge to the corner. it also acts as a space accessory.

2. The combination of inspiration room.

We are truly inspired when we look at interesting visuals as well as they serve as a beautiful decoration tool. Combinations like books, beautifully framed faces of celebrities can beautify your makeup room. Build a custom panel for this kind of decor or if your makeup table is large, place it in one corner.

3. Flowers freshen the atmosphere.

Fresh flowers not only give the space a vibrant aura, they also inject color to your choice. It’s even more interesting when your choice of flowers spreads the beautiful scent that accompanies you as you dress up.

4. Create gallery space.

If your decorating room already has a wall dedicated to capturing all your memories, take a breather from the space for example by choosing a framed mirror that resembles a picture frame of your choice.

5. Make it multi functional.

There is no denying that most homes today have limited space for you to create a variety of comfortable corners in your heart. Combine your living room with another space such as a reading room or writing room by replacing a chair or dropping a desk lamp as it changes function.

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