Ldc Kompressoren carries a full range of rotary screw air compressors, with Kaeser’s energy-saving design features delivering significantly more air per kW. Their air compressor are designed to work together to achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and optimum performance.

Common Air Compressors Problems & Solutions

Problems & Solutions

  • Won’t turn start 

You must ensure all switches are connected properly. oil-based machines need to have minimum oil volume to function.

  • Noise 

Sufficient oils can reduce the noise. all parts need to be tightened. Consider investing in low noise machines or with vibration absorber if the sound causes too much trouble.

  • Too much oil

leakage or filtered air filters become one of the reasons. you should always clean the air compressor and if there is any leakage should consult an expert before becoming more serious.

  • Air pressure is building too slowly

dirty filters and airways cause the pressure to build slowly. besides that the parts began to loosen it should be tightened

  • Stops unexpectedly

electric errors such as blown fuses can cause your air compressor to stop suddenly.

  • Overheated

Excessive use, no waiting for cooling machines, lack of oil or lubrication and hard-working air compressors by blowing too much air into a tool can contribute to overheating.

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