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Tips to avoid maid run away

Maids Malaysia also human beings have hearts and feelings. they work to find a fortune and they can not possibly know what we want if they are not told what the employer wants them to be.

Besides understanding and little patience, the problems faced by employers and maids can be overcome by determining their real needs in our homes.

In the case of maid maid service malaysia behavior, the employer observes their movements from the first day they set foot to the employer’s home. To avoid running away from the employer is to:

  1. Do not allow the maid to leave the house without the employer’s permission.
  2. Do not allow the maid to chat with the neighboring maid
  3. Do not allow the maid to have a mobile phone. Purchase a prepaid phone card to allow them to contact the family using their home phone or mobile phone.
  4. Never pay in cash. Open an account in the name of the maid and keep the account kept. ATM card also do not apply. Money outgoing is through books only.
  5. Do not let the passport be kept by the maid. Indeed they have the right to keep passports but to make arrangements that employers will keep their passports.
  6. Do not give up the maid, give it a rest.
  7. If you change your home, make sure you or your spouse is at home during renovation works. This is to prevent them from dealing with their fellow workers.

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