The process of making food or beverages on an industrial scale usually utilizes chemical reactions between one material and another. In order for the production results to match the target, the mixing of chemicals used must be accurate and precise. Therefore, for the industrial scale of food and beverage factories, mixing the ingredients uses a tool called a dosing pump.

Dosing pumps, which have other names, chemical injection pumps and metering pumps, are pumps that can inject certain liquids (chemicals and other materials) into other solvents, which are generally water. This dosing pump is equipped with a liquid discharge regulator so that the mixing of materials with solvents can be accurately measured. Typically, the use of pumps that can be found in stores selling dosing pumps is for the chemical industry, food industry, semiconductor processing, film and photography production, water treatment facilities, and chemical boilers.

How dosing pumps work

There are many brands of dosing pumps that you can choose according to the needs of qualified specifications. One of them you can get at the pump distributor Grundfos which provides types of dosing pumps with various special specifications. The brand determines how a dosing pump works but in general the way this pump works is to draw a certain amount of chemical liquid and then inject it into a certain amount of solvent. The solvent used can be water, gas, or hot steam.

For more details, you can try to understand a simple explanation of how the dosing pump works below:

  1. The most basic component of the dosing pump is the valve that sucks the chemical liquid from the chemical tank to be suctioned, the pump, and the injector.
  2. The valve used is a one-way valve which is weighted so that it remains at the bottom of the chemical liquid tank to be pumped. Some brands add a float switch that functions as an alarm when the chemical liquid has run out.
  3. Connected to the valve is the pump that uses chemical-resistant plastic materials such as PVC, PE, or stainless steel.
  4. Then the liquid that has been pumped from the tank will be sprayed into the liquid solvent that flows with a certain dose. After the injection valve sprays a certain amount of chemical, the pump will automatically stop pumping. The technology used today is a valve that can spray liquid in the middle of the solvent flow so as not to corrode the walls of the channel, so that the liquid will immediately dissolve.

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