Granite Composite Sinks: Are They Worth It?

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The customer changes their kitchen sink in almost every kitchen renovation we conduct at New Life Bath & Kitchen. With so few possibilities for sinks (i.e. stainless steel, cast iron), consumers are delighted to learn about new and intriguing materials being used on the market, such as granite composite. When you consider a sink constructed of granite, it appears to be incredibly robust, rich in look, and quite expensive. With so many of my clients inquiring about these sinks, the information below will help you decide whether a granite composite sink is perfect for you.

Some individuals believe stainless steel is unsightly and difficult to maintain shining and clean. Others claim that cast iron, particularly white cast iron, scratches and chips quickly. For those of you who don’t like either and want to try something different, granite-composite sinks have some amazing advantages but also some disadvantages. Granite composite is the scratch-resistant sink material available today.

Although these sinks are more expensive, they are extremely chemical and scratch resistant. Because of the extraordinarily high density of rock particles at the sink’s surface, these sinks have the highest level of durability. They are available in a variety of hues, including black, grey, beige, and white. Furthermore, because granite-composite sinks are only available in matte finishes, customers who desire a glossy appearance should look into alternative solutions.

Although highly respected, granite-composite sinks can have certain drawbacks. The sole disadvantage of black or dark-colored sinks is that they will display all soap scum as well as any off-white, blue, or light-colored residue. In addition, if you have hard water, a dark sink will most likely display the residue. If you’re not cautious with your pots and pans, granite-composite can chip.

Stainless steel is the most resistant to heat and is the most robust when it comes to damage. There have been reports of breaking in granite-composite sinks when hot water and hot cookware were placed within.

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Granite Composite Sinks: Are They Worth It?

The customer changes their kitchen sink in almost every kitchen renovation we conduct at New Life Bath & Kitchen. With …

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