How to choose and buy a used pc

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Buying a used PC, recond or refurbished set at this time in my opinion is a wise move. Who does not want to buy a PC that uses a new generation motherboard and CPU, but most of these used PCs are capable and capable of performing various general tasks of our day such as browsing websites, typing documents, editing personal photos and playing games with simple settings. There are several things to consider when buying this used PC. Factors such as CPU selection, the ability to upgrade the CPU in the future, the type of motherboard and a few other things are necessary to make the purchase of a used PC worthwhile and can save hundreds of dollars if we have budget constraints at this time.

Score reference

Before making a choice of which PC to use, I will make a score reference in the Benchmark CPU. This score reference is more to the CPU score. This is because there is a significant difference between the example of i5 generation one and second generation. Only then can we compare the price between the 2 CPUs which is more worthwhile to buy.

PC type

There are several types or categories of PCs used. OEM type and “install yourself”. The advantage of buying an OEM PC is usually cheaper, various form factors from ‘tower’ to ‘sff or small form factor’ and there are also unique ones whose size is smaller than SFF. The disadvantage of buying a used PC of this type is that if the motherboard is damaged, it is necessary to replace the motherboard of the same type. This is a little difficult because this type of used PC is quite limited in the market and it is not possible for used PC suppliers to only sell motherboards. Used PCs of this “self-install” type (self-term) are a little expensive, but have various spare parts and advantages to upgrade RAM, CPU, PCI and graphics cards. In addition to spare parts, casing, power supply, cooling fan can also use any brand available in the market.

Open Bench

For those who are a little fussy, can use the ‘open bench’ to install their own PC. Often it is cheaper and the choice is more reason to choose a used motherboard or CPU in the market. This method requires a little effort to turn the CPU, motherboard one by one and need to adjust it according to the budget. What is more interesting, the market of used CPUs in China is very wide and the price is really cheap and the risk is quite high if the CPU purchased is not ‘compatible’ with the motherboard.

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