All of you feel that it’s true you haven’t used your air compressor at home or in their respective workshops? Maybe you’ve been wrong in using or treating your compressor yourself. Try to read our article on how to use the correct compressor according to international standard safety guidelines.

This will certainly help you to work better and protect yourself from work accidents. Besides that, this can also affect the performance and life of the compressor you have. For that we have to learn how to use the right compressor, guys.

let’s get to the main topic, which is how to use the correct compressor. So that the compressor lasts, so that it is safe for us, so that the results are also satisfying. All of that, of course, requires more information and knowledge that we must convey to add to your experience, guys.

  • Put the compressor in the shade or not exposed to direct sunlight, so that the machine does not get too hot during use. Especially for painting applications that require compressor power for several long periods of time.
  • Place the compressor where you can easily reach it and you can see it, so you can monitor the compressor continuously.
  • Clean your compressor regularly so that dust and dirt do not scale and can enter the compressor air system.
  • Change the oil regularly to keep the engine piston durable. Try to schedule your compressor oil change time to make it easier to control.
  • Do not change the automatic setting of the wind pressure gauge. Normally the engine will turn on automatically when the tank is reduced by half. But these settings can be even smaller at home, for example when the tank has a quarter left, it will automatically turn on. This will actually make your compressor engine work harder, so it can make the engine break down quickly because when the tank is empty the engine will work extra to refill until it reaches a full tank.
  • Do not work in a closed room with the compressor for long enough, as this can damage your breathing.
  • Always use original spare parts when you are repairing or maintaining your compressor.

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