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How to build better relationships with your maid?

Being a good employer is not a problem. You just need to take the tips mentioned below to be a good employer to a maid agency in kl.

  1. Make them part of your family

Bring them away on vacation with your family. Of course they feel that they are highly valued by employers. Make this a part of their annual bonus. Bring them also to eat at restaurants or hotels when there is plenty of space and ability. When returning to your village, take them together and they can also be friendly with your parents. In this way the Filipino maid Malaysia will feel them part of your family.

  1. Eating the same food

Give them a meal of the same kind eaten by the employer. This can raise their respect for employers as they will tell themselves that the employer cares about their nutrition and does not discriminate their status as maids in trivial matters such as food and beverages.

  1. When They Are Unhealthy

Sometimes they get sick like fever and so on. Now, it’s time for you as an employer to ensure your employees get the proper treatment and rest. Take it to the clinic for early treatment. If necessary, employers take emergency leave to take over the task of the maid and give them rest. Better they break a day and be healthy again the next day than they are sick for days or weeks reaching up to a week of illness.

  1. Leave a Break

Off days somehow became an issue because other live-in maids are not that trustworthy. No matter what the argument is, the Ministry of Manpower saw the need for regular off days for domestic helpers. Set at an agreement with your potential Filipino maids. If employers want the live-in maid to only take two days of off days per month, it would be helpful if she lays this request even before the contract begins.

  1. Appreciate her 

Appreciation doesn’t have to be material things. It could just be remembering her birthday or a simple thank you. Live-in maids return the positive reinforcement by working her job well and taking care of the family.

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