Moulds To The Highest Engineering Standards

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HH pipe fittings moulds are produced from high-grade steels from Böhler with the state-of-the-art machinery. The common fittings that we manufacture are depending on the application that can be screwed, plugged into or welded to the pipes – using electrofusion, cemented, socket or butt welding techniques,

HH specializes in handling engineering plastic resins for pipe and fitting injected plastic parts. These materials are PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PPR, PPSU, PE, PP, ABS, POM, PVDF, filled and fibre-reinforced materials.

The type of fitting mould manufacture by our company are:

  • Water supply and drainage system.
  • Soil, waste and vent (SWV) systems
  • Underground sewage systems
  • Random co-polymer pipe and fitting (PPRC)
  • Electrical conduit and cable ducts
  • Ventilation and exhaust system

Also, their team assists customers to develop piping and fitting moulds according to their required standards. These standard are:

  • British standard (BS EN1329, BS4514, BS4660, BS 5481),
  • DIN stardard (DIN 19531, DIN19534),
  • German DIN Standard (DIN 806263)
  • ASTM standard (D 1785, D2241).
  • JIS Standard

Their long term piping and fitting oversea and local customers are

  • Georg Fischer (country: Switzerland)
  • Qatar Plastic Additives Co. (country: Qatar)
  • Paling-Aliaxis Group (country: Malaysia)
  • Waterco (country: Australia)
  • Brett Martin (country: United Kingdom)
  • Marley (country: United Kingdom)
  • Pt Wahana (Indonesia)
  • Dux-Aliaxis Group ( New Zealand)

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