Types of Roofs Used in Malaysia

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A perfect home is the main target or aspect considered by any party, both the owner himself or the developer. This is because due to the imperfections, then there is the problem of leaking roofs, damaged ceilings, and so on.

The roof also plays a very important role in the structure of the house besides being a protector from the weather, it also gives the aesthetic value of a house. Do you know the types of roofs commonly used in Malaysia? There are several types of roofs used including steep roofs, butterfly roofs and flat roofs. Most in demand are steep roofs, which we usually see in most homes in Malaysia.

  1. Steep Roof Or ‘Gable Roof’

Widely used in construction, especially the construction of houses and buildings. This is because the steep type roof is very suitable for use in the weather in our country. It is able to avoid water reservoirs when it rains because of its shape that allows water to continue to fall to the ground. This type of roof is the best choice with our current hot weather. The higher the roof, the less heat in the house.

  • Butterfly Roof

Designed when there is a connection between the houses. The connection point will be the water reservoir area when it rains due to its low design in the extension area. To prevent the roof from leaking, the connection area must be lower than the original house to allow water to flow down when it rains.

  • Flat Roof

This design is very popular nowadays because it is more trendy and looks modern. Usually homeowners will choose this type of design for the car porch. There is nothing wrong with choosing this design, make sure the contractor who built it makes it well so that the water flow is smooth and not stagnant. If the contractor cares about quality, the finish will usually do well.

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