Among the tips we have provided are to choose a suitable sofa, buy a special coffee table, and use a mirror as an additional decoration.

When talking about the house, the living room is a very important place, because that is the place we will go first when entering the house.

If suddenly there are phone guests who want to come suddenly, this space is also where we will quickly tidy up first. Other rooms are fine, but never the living room!

So, how do we choose the right living room decor for our home? If possible, let all the interior decoration of the living room not look fibrous and easy to pack.

To help you so that you do not have to worry anymore, we have provided tips for you to choose the types of items and furniture that should be in the living room.

1) Choosing The Right Sofa

The first thing we do when a guest comes to visit: Must be invited to sit right?

sofas are important as a living room interior decoration. How to choose a sofa for your living room? It all depends on the size, use and theme of the space.

2) Ceiling Lights Or Standing

If there is no light in the living room, then the room will be dark by night, right?

Every house usually has a long living room ceiling lamp, but now, many people do not use that kind of light because they still like modern living room lighting.

Apart from ceiling lights, there are also those who use standing lamps, either to add light or just for decoration.

3) Full Style Fan

Not everyone can place air conditioning in the living room, so the ceiling fan is very helpful to get rid of heat in the summer.

Choosing a suitable fan to place in the living room may be a little complicated because you have to think about the size of the room, the size of the fan, the ceiling fan to the standing fan, how many blades, design, and more.

4) Special Coffee Table

Wanting to choose a coffee table for the living room is actually not as easy as you might think. You not only need to choose the beautiful in the eyes, but match everything in the living room.

5) Full Function TV Cabinet

If there is a TV near the living room, there should be a TV cabinet okay. If you just want to place the TV and do not need extra storage space, you can use a regular TV desk.

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