What Is a Centrifugal Pump?

The pump is a very important tool in any industry and having a pump is very helpful for farmers in the dry season. The pump is one of the tools used to move liquids from one place to another with the help of a piping media by adding energy to the fluid that will be moved and takes place continuously.

The principle of the pump is to make the difference in pressure between the inlet (suction) with the outflow (discharge) in other words the pump has a function as a modifier of mechanical power from a power source into kinetic.

The energy helps to drain the liquid and overcome the obstacles that exist throughout the irrigation process.

Centrifugal pump is one of the types of non-positive transfer pump that has the working principle of converting the kinetic energy of a liquid into potential energy through an impeller that rotates inside the casing.

The functions of the Centrifugal Pump parts include:

  • Stuffing Box -Has a function as a leak prevention in the area where the shaft penetrates the casing.
  • Packing -Rubber is used to prevent and minimize leakage of water from the pump casing through the shaft.
  • Shaft -Serves as a successor to the moment of twisting of the movers during operation and as a seat for the impeller.
  • Shaft sleeve  -Serves as a protective shaft from wear, corrosion, and erosion in the stuffing box.
  • Vane -blade on the impeller as a liquid berth that is on the impeller.
  • Casing -The casing is the outer part of the pump that has a function as a protective element that is spinning, as well as its seat diffuser, nozzle, and inlet.
  • Eye Of Impeller  -As the direction of the impeller suction and inlet side.
  • Impeller -The impeller has the function of converting mechanical energy to velocity energy in the fluid being pumped continuously. so that the liquid in the suction section will continue to enter to fill the void due to the displacement of the incoming fluid before it.
  • Wearing Ring -Functioning to reduce leakage of fluid that passes through the front and back of the impeller, by narrowing between the impeller.
  • Bearing -Functioning as a load bearing of the shaft so that it can rotate properly, in the form of holding radial and axial loads.

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